Lights, Camera, 4621 Creative!

Video is a powerful medium. When seeking new business, having a video that sells your product can make the difference between potential clients leaving your site and signing up!

Imagine if you will: You just heard about a great new app that could be the solution for your business needs. You check out their demo video and immediately lose your enthusiasm. The video consists of a computer screen and a disembodied voice that sounds like your ninth-grade math teacher.

Now, take a look at 4621 Creative’s client videos:

Exciting, eh?

Video creation takes time and expertise that not everyone has. Sure, you can make a video yourself, but if you spend your working hours on creating marketing videos, you won’t have time to do your actual work—running your business!

At TikiKitchen, we can create any kind of video you need: animated, live action, demos, expert interviews, tutorials, life style – you name it, we can do it. You’ll love what we cook up!

Marcia Eppich-Harris

Marcia Eppich-Harris is a writer, editor, entrepreneur, and creative director. With strong attention to detail and a critical eye, Marcia innovates everyday ideas, making the ordinary extraordinary. Her love of writing, theatre, literature, history, and philosophy inspire creative ways to market your passion.

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