Using Social Media to Drive Business

Get the Most out of Your Social Media Presence

Getting noticed on social media can be tough with all the competition. Here are some easy guidelines that will help you to rise to the top in social media marketing.

1. Know Your Audience and Their Platforms

Social media is not just Facebook and Twitter. New platforms join the ranks every year! Knowing where your audience lives is the best starting point for effectively establishing your brand. If you have a younger audience, you may want to focus on platforms with a younger user base like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. If your target audience is middle-aged or older clientele, focus on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, using all available platforms is helpful to your business, but it can be overwhelming for a small staff. Instead of driving yourself crazy, target your efforts to specific demographics when establishing a brand’s personality and presence. Knowing your audience – and what platforms they use
– is key for gaining traction online.

2. Stay Active

It seems like a simple tip, but all platforms push traffic to accounts that are actively creating content. Participating in popular trends such as ‘Throwback Thursdays’ or scheduling posts that target  when your followers are online creates a reliable and engaging presence with your audience. Without regularly posting new content, there is a very low chance that your audience will return to the profile again and again. Every business is looking for repeat viewers, so frequent updates are key to gaining traction online. But don’t just post to post – make your content meaningful, new, and eye- catching for the best chance at success.

3. Keep Moving and Be Visual

Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with online content that is video or visual based over a standard text post. People interact with short video clips, motion graphics, and images more often than they do with a simple status update or tweet.

Make your visual posts cohesive, so people recognize the content coming from your brand. Brand colors, visual look and styling, and even consistent fonts and use of your brand logo, in tandem with a visual post are key to getting your brand noticed.

4. Set Reachable Goals

Setting goals is important for any business strategy. Sharing goals with your audience can create a call to action, whether you’re looking for subscribers, likes, or product purchases. For example, setting a goal of 1000 subscribers to a YouTube channel or Facebook page could come with a reward for the 1000th subscriber, or your brand could release special content when you reach a goal, which can prompt users to respond. Letting people in on these smaller, audience-oriented goals can be a great way to increase real engagement with your brand across social media platforms.

5. Learn the Lingo

Marketing and sales come with their own languages, and different social media platforms also have their own trends that can help your posts gain traction. Speak to your audience in a way they understand, while also embracing platform-specific trends – like hashtags, tagging, liking, and sharing. Learning your audience’s language will help your brand stay fresh and encourage meaningful


Whether you’re looking to grow your brand or you’re starting from scratch, knowing how to target social media is key to brand building and gaining clientele. Building skills in social media and direct marketing online is a must in our world! Keep on top of the trends and follow us for more useful content!

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